IPMA awards are truly representative of entire industry as these are open to all the paper mills in India regardless of size, category, location and their affiliation.

An eminent jury of technical and industry experts evaluates the nominations received on the basis of overall excellence in production by a paper mill considering financial, operational and other parameters like corporate social responsibility, R&D, quality, global competitiveness, HRD etc.

IPMA has constituted the following awards presented biennially:

IPMA Paper Mill of the Year Award : 

With a view to encourage paper mills in the country to strive for excellence in all areas of operation and inculcate a healthy competitive spirit, IPMA has instituted “Paper Mill of the Year Award. The award recognizes an Indian paper mill which sets an example in areas of productivity, quality, HRD, research & development, developing export markets etc. besides striving to attain global competitiveness.

IPMA Award for Energy Conservation

Paper is an energy intensive sector. Paper mills have been working towards better energy efficiency employing a range of innovations and technologies. IPMA Award for Energy Conservation recognises the efforts of Indian paper mills to become more energy efficient.

IPMA Award for Environment 

Paper mills are gradually reducing their environmental impact through vast tracts of agro-forestry leading to carbon sequestration and many other measures such as reduction in water usage, recycling of discharge and employing effective effluent treatment techniques. IPMA Award for Environment Conservation recognises and rewards the efforts of an Indian paper mill towards the vast spectrum of environment conservation.

Both the Energy Efficiency and Environment Conservation awards have evoked considerable interest and have encouraged healthy competition within the industry. These awards have helped IPMA take forward its cause of enhancing competitiveness through energy efficiency and environment conservation.


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