Agro Forestry

Over the last two decades, industry led farm/social forestry have brought around 125000 hectares under pulp wood plantations, mainly degraded marginal lands of farmers.

At the current estimate, wood based segment of the industry uses 80 per cent of the total requirement from farm produced wood. In particular, IPMA member mills have been actively promoting agro forestry with private land holders/farmers thereby, positively impacting the Greening India mission of the Government. Also, the industry initiative has created major employment in the remote areas in close proximity to the manufacturing facilities thereby, helping rural development.

As a part of the agro-forestry initiative, IPMA members have set up R&D centers for clonal propagation of high-yielding and disease resistant plants. Several million clonal or seed routed saplings are produced in these nurseries and made available to farmers at subsidized rates for plantation on their marginal lands. Many such plantations are now being FSC certified thereby meeting global obligation.  As one-of-its kind programe, IPMA members have been winning international accolades for agro-forestry.